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Originally Posted by TornZero View Post
It's an arguably eccentric piece of work, even for SMT. Naoto somehow grows her hair out like crazy over just two years (though that seems normal for anime), a childhood friend goes missing, and she gets a new partner. The partner's a robot and can turn into a vehicle.

However, I couldn't find much more information, and even that's still vague. Most everything else ends up being miscellaneous scans. Anyways, the MegaTen Wiki Page for it will probably be updated five minutes after it gets released who-knows-when. Scanlation expected within a month or so after release.

Edit: Screw it, I'm changing this to be a Persona 3/4/A/G/manga thread. -_-
This partner sounds like something out of Metal Gear Solid. Now I really want to read it, but I take it hasn't been translated yet. Oh well. Where did you get the pictures in your signature? Interested to see the full ones.

I see nothing wrong with that, and I honestly doubt most got P4A for being a fighting game rather than for the story (which is a big selling point to Atlus, apparently). P4 Golden is still 3 months away, anyway. Too bad I probably can't talk much since I still haven't played a single game in the series, but I bet my copy of Persona 4 is already in my house in Ireland.

Speaking of the story in P4A, is it any good? I didn't want to spoil anything myself, but I don't think I saw any comments towards it. Everything I read about the game is concerned with the fighting mechanics, the characters' playstyles and match-ups rather than anything else.

Anyone saw this?

30$ extra seems a bit too much, but I would be lying if I said I wouldn't get it if I had the chance and a Vita. I'd ask if it'll be available to Europe, but the real question is if the people living in Europe are even getting the game.

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