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Originally Posted by NixChill View Post
how bout' cody? i think that name will go well with donnie
That's perfect! Cody it is.

Since I'm home right now, I thought I'd get all my plushies together for you guys. You wouldn't believe how long it took to get them all to stand up without falling over. @_@


So from left-to-right we have Bentley, Pika, Red, Andy, Donnie, the big Mudkip, Kip, Cody and Tiggy Mow.

Both Bentley and Tiggy Mow are my oldest - I've had them since I was very small. There is one more which isn't in this photo but I've had equally as long - hopefully I can get it in another one for you guys :3

I got the big Mudkip a few weeks ago in London when visiting with my friends, so it hasn't got a name yet. Any ideas?

Paired with Twiggy