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That's a BIG Tini, Twiggy. I wike it. Also Kip, sooo jealous of that Umbreon. Despite popular beliefs, Umbreon is my favorite Pokemon and I have been wanting that plushie you have for years. XD I need to just order one. rn. :) I have birthday money to blow~! Oh, and I have that same Pikachu btw!

I will post a picture of my bigger plushies later maybe! And some non-Pokemon plushies. I have a big Charizard, and a (I would say medium sized? lol) Blaziken and Grovyle. And I have a Pikachu that used to talk and light up. And I have a big pink Yoshi (though I think I posted that?) and Inky from Pac Man. And lots of dogs, lol. AND BIG BIRD. I said and a lot in this paragraph.
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