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Originally Posted by Team Fail View Post
Are you sure it's not in the same compression as MobiClip? I don't think it's been cracked yet.
Hm... MobiClip... I think I've heard that name before, but I don't think I've looked into it before.
Originally Posted by Bond697 View Post
it's supposed to be a/2/2/2, but i don't know much about the format.

e: you sure it's mobiclip? the mobiclip library isn't listed.

RAM_ARM9:02005050 5B 53 44 4B+aSdkNintendoDwc5_3_300 DCB "[SDK+NINTENDO:DWC5.3.30054.20100706.1000_TWLDWC_5_3_PATCH1_SSLGD"
RAM_ARM9:02005050 2B 4E 49 4E+                                        ; DATA XREF: sub_20581F0+8o
RAM_ARM9:02005050 54 45 4E 44+                                        ; RAM_ARM9:off_2058228o
RAM_ARM9:02005050 4F 3A 44 57+DCB "B4]"
RAM_ARM9:02005093 00          ALIGN 4
RAM_ARM9:02005094 5B 53 44 4B+aSdkNintendoBac DCB "[SDK+NINTENDO:BACKUP]",0
RAM_ARM9:02005094 2B 4E 49 4E+                                        ; DATA XREF: sub_206F0EC+20o
RAM_ARM9:02005094 54 45 4E 44+                                        ; RAM_ARM9:off_206F234o ...
RAM_ARM9:020050AA 00 00       ALIGN 4
RAM_ARM9:020050AC 5B 53 44 4B+aSdkUbiquitousCps DCB "[SDK+UBIQUITOUS:CPS]",0
RAM_ARM9:020050C1 00 00 00    ALIGN 4
RAM_ARM9:020050C4 5B 53 44 4B+aSdkNintendoWifi3_3_30 DCB "[SDK+NINTENDO:WiFi3.3.30052.201006221129]",0
RAM_ARM9:020050EE 00 00       ALIGN 0x10
RAM_ARM9:020050F0 5B 53 44 4B+aSdkUbiquitousSsl DCB "[SDK+UBIQUITOUS:SSL]",0
RAM_ARM9:02005105 00 00 00    ALIGN 4
RAM_ARM9:02005108 5B 53 44 4B+aSdkNintendoLibvct1_4_ DCB "[SDK+Nintendo:libVCT 1.4.1]",0
Was a/2/2/2 the area where the opening cinematic was in the first Black/White? I've looked in a/2/2/2 in Black 2, and that folder contains many binary files. Could they be the frames for the animation process? As for the first Black/White, in a/2/2/2 contains BMD0 models of trucks, which is nothing related to the opening cinematic.

If so, I wonder how we're going to edit the frames to make it different?
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