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Alright so recently, my mom tried to get me into a job where she works at. In Meijer. No different than what Walmart treated me, after I spent 10 minutes in an interview with the hire-director (Or whatever you call them these days lol). It was July 14th. She said I would get a call back from another person (Suppose to do 3 interviews before deciding a person is hired) on the 26th of July. My mom said when she went to work, there was an orientation for the new employees on like the 27th. That's when we realized that I just got screwed from being told wither or not I was the person for the job or not. Aren't they suppose to call you up & let you know what's going on rather than just leave you hanging in the dust like that? No wonder the unemployment rate is sky high in this era.

Oh yeah, it was a "phone interview" I had with the woman. I've never had or heard of an interview done over the phone. Strange to me. I rather prefer going to the actual interview, being all dressed up & all.

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