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Quote originally posted by Avishka:
What Pokemon do you find to be adorable after being plushie'd?
gotta agree with twiggy about Hydreigon
Dragonite also looks cute
Quote originally posted by Cosmotone8:
Dragonite looks adawable. :3 *goes to look for one online*
I haven't seen very many Pokemon plushies but when I saw this one I thought I had to post it here.

Isn't it cute? :3
Quote originally posted by Avishka:
Lapras is sooooo cute
i want one but it's kind of girlish imo
i found some plushies :
Quote originally posted by AlexOzzyCake:

What about Axew? He's a super adorable Pokémon in plushie form, so small and cute! <3 I know he's always cute, but in plushie form... Just awwww x] <3 This however:

Is terrifying. Can anyone actually find a cute plush of Metagross? x]
Quote originally posted by Olli97:
Finding a cute plushie of Metagross would be a pretty difficult task lol. Metagross is supposed to look intimidating and not cute in the slightest, so most official stuff would just be like that. It's even hard to find cute fanart of it, so good luck with finding a cute one xD

Apart from the first picture which is typical Pidgey Angry Birds face, I find this plushie to be a pretty cute Pidgey.

I'm taking them all home today~ Too adorable to sleep now!

Especially that Axew-ew-ew. xD
Hey, it's Twiggy here. Or ♪Twiggy♪, if you prefer. I like Turtwig and Zorua a lot. I'm paired with Kip. I like Katy Perry. I want a Hydreigon plushie. Also, I'm a total PC geek.