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Second update. By the way guys, for these runs, I'd recommend training up 3 or 4 Pokemon to be much stronger than anything else at first, although You'll want 6 Pokemon for the E4. Why? There's a much less of a chance of you losing someone. Also, it's easier to grind 3 or 4 Pokemon than 6, so you'll have higher levels throughout the game until the E4. I did this strategy up until the E4 for Sapphire and Black up until the 8th gym, and it worked fairly well. Now, onto the update.


- Grinded up Microsoft the Porygon2 and the rest of my Pokemon to match the levels of the Veilstone Gym.
- Wanted to catch a Houndour on Route 214, but Microsoft got a critical hit on a Rhyhorn.
- Got to Pastoria City, was lucky enough to catch a Skorupi in the Safari. Named her Scorpio, and proceeded to grind her up to level 33.
- Went into Veilstone Gym and started battling my way to Maylene. Jay the Staravia evolved into a Staraptor here.
- Beat Maylene. Jay took out her first few Pokemon with Aerial Ace, and Smash destroyed Lucario. An easy battle.
- Beat the Galactic Grunts in Veilstone, got Fly.
- Grinded up my team some more. Polaris the Prinplup evolved into an Empoleon. Scorpio died to a Luxio who decided he wanted to critical hit her. RIP, I always wanted a Drapion in a Nuzlocke run...
- After my grinding session and funeral, I was ready. I beat Barry so bad I'm not sure he knew what happened, then entered the gym.
- I swept Crasher Wake pretty badly. Porygon2 completely tanked Gyarados, and Polaris walled Floatzel and then wiped him out with a couple Grass Knots. Jay took on Quagsire without a problem.
- Destroyed the Grunt with the bomb, and proceeded to go to Celestic Town.
- Beat Cyrus at Celestic Town. I'm just going to say it - Empoleon is ridiculously good against nearly everything in this game. Oh, and I got Surf.
- Caught Sewage the Bronzor in the route next to Celestic. I knew I should've saved that route...
- Traveled to Iron Fuegoworks, and was lucky enough to get a Magmar with a neutral nature. Named her Vulcan and grinded her up to level 39 like the rest of my team, and evolved her into a Magmortar soon after.


Polaris the Serious Empoleon
Level 40
-Grass Knot
-Metal Claw

Jay the Jolly Staraptor
Level 39
-Close Comat

Smash the Bashful Machamp
Level 39
-Rock Smash
-Vital Throw

Microsoft the Impish Porygon2
Level 40
-Signal Beam

Vulcan the Serious Magmortar
Level 39
-Faint Attack
-Lava Plume


Empath the Rash Ralts
Level 17

Thorn the Relaxed Roselia
Level 20

Harbinger the Naive Duskull
Level 19

Derp the Timid Bidoof
Level 13

Sewage the Adamant Bronzor
Level 29

The Fallen:

Jaws the Lonely Gible
Level 21
Died to a Selfdestructing Geodude. RIP

Scorpio the Docile Skorupi
Level 35
Died to a critical hit from a Luxio. RIP

Y Team: Volcarona - Garchomp - Tyranitar - Starmie - Alakazam - Lucario