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Full Name:Mike Vincent.
Age (16+):17
Personality:Mike is very resourceful , and usually knows what to do however he is rather forgetful , and usually doesn't keep track of unimportant things.Hes a bit of a show off until he meets someone strong after that hes a bit serious.He is sort of brave , but easily surprised , and can be easily caught off guard.
Biography:Mike was born in Castelia city in the Unova region.During his childhood
He liked to watch the trainers , and their pokemon go into the gym.He payed extra attention during battling classes , and loved everything about pokemon.When proffesor juniper was visiting Castelia she gave him Tepig , and a pokedex.After tons of training in the gym he evolved his tepig into a Pignite.He decided it was time to complete the pokedex , and caught a Darumaka , and a Scraggy on the next route.

Species: .Pignite.
Nickname: .Pignite.
Gender: Male
Ability: Blaze
Moveset:Ember.Flame charge.Arm thrust.Odor slueth.
Personality: .Pignite usually obeys orders , but doesn't react too quickly.He is a little bit slow , but his power compensates it.He usually gets angry a bit too quickly , but is friendly to people , and pokemon he knows are friendly.
Short Bio: .Pignite was a Tepig of proffesor junipers once.When she first gave him to Mike he didn't like him much.He usually never obeyed orders , and huffed fire from his nose near him , but after training in the Castelia city gym he began to trust him more.After a couple battles Tepig evolved into a Pignite , and his trust grew bigger.

Personality:Darumaka isn't really brave , but he will fight.He usually doesn't take anything seriously except when he gets mad however he usually is playful.
Short Bio:After Mike decided to complete the pokedex with pignite he decided to start with the route after Castelia.There he encountered Darumaka as well as Scraggy on the road during a sandstorm.Even though Darumaka didn't really try to escape from his pokeball he put up a fight against Pignite.

Abilityhed skin
Moveset:Brick break.Headbutt.Low kick.Sand attack
Personalitycraggy is always serious , and always obeys orders.He gets really mad really easily.He enjoys battles , but usually can't dodge moves.He hates it when a pokemon isn't taking something seriously enough , and usually headbutts them.
Short Bio:Like Darumaka Mike caught Scraggy on the route after Castelia.Except that he found him in the desert resort.Scraggy gave a real fight to escape his pokeball , and didn't obey any order Mike gave that is until his first pokemon battle.He learned that if he obeyed Mike he can easily win battles.So his trust grew.
Currently researching: Dittos origin.
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