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Originally Posted by LightningAlex View Post
You gotta explain that a little to me - what do you mean by "created a way to capture pokemon"...? Is he the inventor of the Pokeball or something like that?

Also, the name isn't really important at all If you like it, that's good.
Yeah, he created the pokeball, and is eventually forced, to create a way to capture another trainer's pokemon by the evil organization, and through a sidequest you obtain a single snagball and save him/her from the organization

anyway, I have created a new town! Its full of thugs and bandits, but I need some suggestions though... I cant think of what else to put in it

You travel through the mountain range by using dig, and you reach the end where the detective's house it, and he tells you were you can find the key that opens a locked door that leads you to the underground library. While in the middle of the town are there is a dueling square, where most of the thugs socialize and terrorize new comers


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