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Well, I got up to Sabrina, and she completely wiped me out. So, I have 3 in the PC, but I'm not training them up. I'll restart on Red again.

I thought I should update. This is going much easier than it was last time.

I started the game, named myself Stephen, because thats my name, and my rival A.
I chose Charmander, named him Pikachu.
Caught a Pidgey on route 1, named it Golduck, it died. RIP
Caught a Nidoran Male on Route 22, I was thinking I'd get a Rattata, lucky me. Named it Porygon.
Grinded Porygon and Pikachu to level 16.
Route 2, caught a Weedle, BOXED.
Killed a Weedle in Viridian Forest. Didnt want it.
Beat Brock completely with Porygon with 1 HP left after a bide from Onyx.
Killed a Jigglypuff on Route 3.
Killed a Clefairy in Mt. Moon on accident. I wish I didnt.
Caught a Spearow on Route 4, named Gyarados.
Trained em all up to level 20.
Gyarados beat Misty, yet again, with 1 HP remaining.
Caught a Mankey on Route 5, named Rapidash.
Caught an Oddish on Route 6, named Dragonite. Didnt want it, BOXED. He's my cut slave now.
Caught a Digglet, named Hitmonlee, died.
Beat Lt. Surge with Pikachu's Dig.
Got through Rock Tunnel, accidentally killing a Geodude.
Got Eevee and a Water Stone in Celadon, named Gengar, evolved to Vaporeon.
Got Butterfree the Hitmonchan from the Dojo.
Beat Erika, grinded 4 of my Poke's to 36.

And thats where I am at.

Pikachu the level 36 Charizard
Mega Punch

Gyarados the level 37 Fearow

Drill Peck
Mirror Move
Fury Attack

Rapidash the level 36 Primeape

Karate Chop
Rock Slide

Porygon the level 36 Nidoking
Poison Sting
Horn Attack

Gengar the level 26 Vaporeon

Sand Attack
Ice Beam

Butterfree the level 30 Hitmonchan

Comet Punch

The Deceased:
Golduck the Pidgey Levels 2 - 2
Hitmonlee the Digglett Levels 18 - 18
Favorite Pokemon: Vaporeon
Second Favorite Pokemon: Scrafty