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Originally Posted by Sector Revenge View Post
Alright so recently, my mom tried to get me into a job where she works at. In Meijer. No different than what Walmart treated me, after I spent 10 minutes in an interview with the hire-director (Or whatever you call them these days lol). It was July 14th. She said I would get a call back from another person (Suppose to do 3 interviews before deciding a person is hired) on the 26th of July. My mom said when she went to work, there was an orientation for the new employees on like the 27th. That's when we realized that I just got screwed from being told wither or not I was the person for the job or not. Aren't they suppose to call you up & let you know what's going on rather than just leave you hanging in the dust like that? No wonder the unemployment rate is sky high in this era.

Oh yeah, it was a "phone interview" I had with the woman. I've never had or heard of an interview done over the phone. Strange to me. I rather prefer going to the actual interview, being all dressed up & all.

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Well the thing is that there are probably loads and loads of people who apply for the same jobs so a lot of the time the employer just doesn't have the time / just cannot be bothered to get back to unsuccessful applicants. Some of the better employers would probably send a quick generic E-mail out though.

Yeah the concept of a phone interview was alien to me too at first but loads of companies do them nowadays and I've been to my fair share of them during my period of job seeking. The basic structure of employment procedures nowadays is as follows.

1) Resume screening.

An employer will get a whole bunch of applications and they have to do an initial sorting to choose candidates to follow up on. This is done by screening all of the applications against each other and comparing which ones stand out the most, usually by screening for key competencies the role requires and such.

2) Telephone interview / Online testing

I have found that companies usually do one or the other, but some do both. Employers use telephone interviews because it is cheaper and easier for them to do so. They are usually quicker too. It can cost a fair bit of money for an employer to undertake a formal interview with applicants especially if there are a lot of potential candidates to choose between, so a telephone interview is a preliminary interview used as a secondary sorting to gather candidates that the employer would like to interview face to face. You should use the fact that it is a telephone interview to your advantage though. Unlike a face to face interview, you can have notes to hand to utilize during the telephone interview and you also have the advantage of choosing where to take the interview too - preferably in a nice quiet room.

Some employers utilize something called Psychometric Testing which is in a nutshell used to measure the potential of candidates. These tests come in different forms but the main two are Numerical Reasoning tests and Verbal Reasoning tests. A third common test is known as a Logical Reasoning test. If an employer asks you to take one of these, be sure to familiarize yourself with what you are up against - there is plenty of material on the internet to so researching is easy.

3) Interview / Assessment Centre.

Congratulations if you are invited to a final stage interview or an assessment centre. In both cases, you will be given a briefing of the structure that will take place for the final selection process. Be sure to study this carefully and ensure you fully understand what to expect on the day. A face to face interview is pretty similar to a telephone interview though you should be weary that if you did do a telephone interview prior to a final stage interview, then you should expect the employer to go into more details on areas that you may have had difficulty in answering in the telephone interview. Usually when I've completed a telephone interview, I have an idea of which questions I struggled more on, so make sure you get those tougher questions ironed out for the final interview. Another thing to note is that a final stage interview is not always one on one. I've been to my fair share of interviews where I've had two people alternating questions to me. Usually one person is a manager of some nature and the other is a technical person. If you do get multiple people interviewing you, be sure you give each person a good amount of attention.

Assessment centres are where an employer invites a certain number of candidates to assess them all simultaneously throughout the day. There is usually a combination of group activities as well as individual assessments. The former tests how well you can work together with other people in a dynamic environment and the latter is usually an interview but they like asking candidates to do an individual presentation as well. You will be told in advance if you have to prepare for one of these, it's usually not a spontaneous task. The company will also give out a couple of presentations to tell you more about who they are and what they do and so on. It's very important to be active and engaging during these assessment centres and be sure to ask questions throughout the day as this shows the employer that you are interested.

I might expand on this and make a blog entry actually.
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