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One thought went through Haru's mind when Mr. Smith asked for a Pokemon to come up and eat a poffin. "NOT ALL OF THEM VOID!" It was too late. The Munchlax ran up faster than a Feraligator in water or a flying Pidgeot. "NOT ALL OF THEM!!!" He ran up to find the bear thing grab a foul poffin and a spicy poffin. He basically inhaled every single poffin except for the sweet and sour ones. He hated thoughs. Thankfully, Haru had forseen this and emptied five or six of each kind of poffin. "Sorry Mr. Smith. I forsaw this happening and planned ahead." He cast a glare at Void. "Well exc-use me. It's not my fault that the man left them in the open!" Haru sighed. Torch, Twitch, and Geronimo would've been more reserved. Void finally realized that Molly had spoken to him. "Haru's the man! He always treats me to tacos, and Mr. Grumpy Pants(Twitch) and Senior Fuego(Torch) to poffins and berries. I don't really know the knew guy. He seems to be really angry though."
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