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Mitzi Abelle

Mitzi nearly had a heart attack when the teacher called out to her. The shock faded fast, however, when she realized that she was not, in fact, in trouble. This woman was certainly different than she had expected. Still, she didn't want to press her luck any more than she already had, so the girl shuffled over to the boy she had been directed to.

Stretching was what she had been instructed to do, and so that was what she did. Kind of. The boy she was paired to was no help at all, though Mitzi hadn't exactly prompted him to tell her what to do. So, what she did was make an attempt at what he was doing, bringing rather pathetic results. Mitzi was still too tired to even notice. She quickly got wrapped up in her own thoughts anyway, plotting out all of the different Pokemon she wanted to capture and thinking of what could be in all of the places she had yet to explore.
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