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Time to finally update again!

-Breezed through Route 9, then realised that I forgot to get HM05 Flash
-Backtracked to Vermillion and stole a Squirtle, then went through Diglett's Cave
-Stole HM05 Flash
-Hypno learned Flash
-Nidoking learned Thunerbolt
-After searching for all the Trainers, I finally completed Rock Tunnel
-Defeated all Trainers in Route 10
-Arrived in Lavender Town
-Battled through Route 8
-Arrived in Celadon City and stole HM02 Fly
-Pidgeotto learned Fly
-Defeated yet another fake Rocket Grunt
-Saved progress for now

Nidoking Lv.47 Thrash, Mega Punch, Thunderbolt, Double Kick
Starmie Lv.30 (Originally Misty's) Tackle, Water Gun, Thunder Wave, Bubblebeam
Eevee Lv.30 (Originally Duskmon's) Tackle, Body Slam, Quick Attack, Bite
Pidgeotto Lv.30 (Originally Jr. Trainer's) Fly, Sand-Attack, Quick Attack, Whirlwind
Hypno Lv.30 (Originally fake Rocket Grunt's) Headbutt, Hypnosis, Flash, Confusion
Ivysaur Lv.30 (Originally some random person's) Razor Leaf, Cut, Leech Seed, Vine Whip
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