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Nice to see another post on this.

I have played this hack up to the Saren City area. As designed, the little outlet on Route 16 in this version is way too strong for the average Trainer, and I would get a couple of your Pokémon into the teens before even attempting to go there. With that said, once you can capture a couple of the Pokémon there, you have what you really need for the event which I have promised not to spoil with your villain Rival on Route 2.

Also note that after this event, you can't backtrack for a while, so if you plan to continue east of Saren you would be wise to have as many of the Route 16 Pokémon as you can get. I only captured two and carried on to battle; I won, but not being able to head back to Route 2 and having to head to Route 3, where the Pokémon difficulty goes up by about 10 levels...I called it quits for the beta. LMAO

I know Diego is working on this hack now, and I'm sure this is something that will change. It was my biggest complaint as far as I am in the hack, though I did hear of the large number of forest trainers.

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