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...quite literally, this deck involves Garbodor DRX with the ability Garbotoxin, an ability that stops all other abilities so long as a tool card is attached to it...which puts a halt to some of the best cards in the format; Eelektrik NVI, Darkrai EX DEX, Hydreigon DRX, Gabite DRX, Gothitelle EPO, Emboar BLW (the list goes on for days). Here's my personal list of Garbage.

Pokemon: 16

4-4 Garbodor DRX
3 Terrakion NVI
1 Terrakion EX DRX
4 Emolga DRX

Trainers/Supporters: 32
4 N
4 Cheren
2 Juniper
2 Bianca
4 Pokemon Catcher
4 Rescue Scarf
3 Eviolite
3 Switch
2 Tool Scrapper
4 Exp Share

Energy: 12

12 Fighting Energy

Card breakdown:

Trubbish (NVI): in my opinion, the best trubbish. For a single colorless energy, you can put a card from your discard on top of your deck. If you have a bad start, and need a way to recover something you discarded, it's a neat way to get it back.

Garbodor (DRX): As I've mentioned before, Garbodor has the ability Garbotoxin, which, when it has a tool card attached, all other Pokemon abilities stop working. That means no more dynamotor, no more dragon call, no more dark trance, nothing. It's a very effective way to lock your opponent out from their strategy.

Terrakion (NVI): The deck's primary attacker. Great for revenge KO's and easily recyclable with rescue scarf/exp. share.

Terrakion EX (DRX): Remember in the days of HG/SS format where we wish we had fighting acceleration? Well we don't have to wait any longer, because for FFC, Terrakion EX's attack does 90 damage and allows you to attach 2 Energy from your hand to your benched Pokemon in any way you like. This can either fully set up a terrakion or prepare one for a retaliate kill.

Emolga (DRX): The preferred starter for any deck, and your main Pokemon search engine. For a single colorless energy, Call for family allows you to search your deck for 2 basic Pokemon and put them on the bench. Good for getting a garbodor set up by turn 2...

N: Why give your opponent time to think out their strategy with the hand they've got? You're already disrupting them with garbodor, add insult to injury by playing N to really screw them up, while allowing you to draw into a fresh new hand.

Cheren: Basic draw power. As vanilla as it gets.

Juniper: A last resort if your hand is dud, which shouldn't happen very often.

Bianca: With all the tools and trainers being played, your hand is gonna get small fast, play it to refresh your hand to 6 cards.

Pokemon Catcher: The biggest staple in any BW-on deck. Must run 4 in any deck. No matter what.

Rescue Scarf: Better than Rescue Energy from HS Triumphant! Allows you to recycle your Terrakion or even a catchered Garbodor.

Eviolite: Helps give Terrakion that much more of a fighting chance against OHKO's. Better than Giant Cape for this build in my opinion.

Switch: Terrakion has a 4 retreat cost, so it's going to be catcher bait, guaranteed. Switch is your Catcher counter.

Tool Scrapper: this card works wonders on both sides of the field. It helps get rid of an eviolited zekrom, or if in the case you wish to add a different tool card to a terrakion, you can use tool scrapper to remove the old tool, so that a new one can be placed.

Exp. Share: this is the deck's energy recovery system. It's the card that made Quad Terrakion such a brutal force last year. When attached to one of your Pokemon, if another of your Pokemon is knocked out and had energy attached to it, put one of those energy on the Pokemon with exp share attached. This allows terrakion to be set up for retaliate KO's much quicker.

Sorry for the long article I hope it was at least an interesting read.
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