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Quote originally posted by Red99:
Nobody pays attention to my banners anymore But those are some really nice pics.
NEW TOPIC: If it was your decision, which fire types would you bring back in a new game, and what new fire types would you create?
i pay attention don't worry!
btw nice topic

Quote originally posted by Umbr30n:

On the Current Topic: I'll bring everything except for the Tepig Line, Volcarona line, and Numel Line.

If I needed to create a new Fire-Type, I would take a Echidna and give it Dragon and Fire features, and give it strongly developed arms which can wield moves such as Fire Punch or Dynamic Punch. It will not have any fire spouting out, but it's Core Temperature would be up to 3800 Degrees Celsius. As always, that's just my bit on the side, so feel free to share your thoughts.
nice idea Umbr30n
I agree with u about the tepig and numel line but not about the volcarona line. it is good

Quote originally posted by υ Shivam:

is my signature good and how many points do i have
u can see ur points by moving ur mouse on ur name in the OP

If it was your decision, which fire types would you bring back in a new game??

idk why but i don't like Heatmor i think it is bcuz of his design so i would not like bring Heatmor back
what new fire types would you create?
how about a cow?! xD
i think we don't have fire type pokemon like giraffe or octopus or Thorny devil.
thorny devil :
so i will like pokemon like them xD
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