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Originally Posted by Iloveeevee View Post
Name: Iloveeevee
2 partner Pokemon: EV<3 the Cresselia and Dialga
Topic: What's your favorite Legendary Pokemon & why?

Cresselia is my favorite Legend because she was a gift from my best friend and pair, TheGr8. He surprised me by nicknaming the Cress after my nick on TC, EV. It's my absolute favorite mon ever cause he worked so hard to RNG it and then he went and NN it EV<3 after me.
Congrats on the gift! So prior to the gift, did you not like Cresselia at all? D: How can you not like a beautiful Princess-looking Pokemon? I mean look @ her!

Also you picked Dialga. May I asked why you picked such a powerful Dragon? I personally prefer Palkia because he just looks like a guy who can lift 50K lbs of steel

Originally Posted by Olli97 View Post
The only trainer we've faced with a Legendary Pokemon is N. Should there be more trainers in the game's main storyline with Legendary Pokemon to battle against, such as Elite Fours or Champions?

Not true, some of the Frontier Brains in the Battle Frontier also had Legendary Pokémon, though they weren't part of the main storyline, so I don't know if they count. Either way, yes, I do think more trainers should have legendary Pokémon. It'd be great to increase the difficulty in the game and give us more of a challenge, which is why it's often seen in hacks, and after this thing with N, I'm pretty sure we'll get to see it again. It seems there's being added more and more post-game stuff for every new game, so unless it's a rematch, I don't think it should be the champion that has one. I'd much rather see it for someone who should pose as the final challenge, just like Red in G/S/C and Steven in Emerald, so yeah.
But the Battle Frontier battles isn't in the main storyline though Its more of a sidequest thingy or whatever haha. There are quite a few characters that you will face more than twice & so in B/W2, so in my mind, it'd be interesting to battle more trainers. I agree on the Red part, he should had Lugia/Ho-Oh for the selected Moscot (Much like N's Dragons) instead of Snorlax in my opinion. Then again, you also got your rivalry. I really think the rivalry should be more of a challenge rather than a guy you can run through everytime you meet him (Unless he's really is a challenge, I'm talking as a series of rematches with your rival with his final party).

I'm not sure how many of played Pokemon Stadium (the first one), but I remember a time in the Battle Dome the 2nd set of battles, the final trainer had a Mew. Mew literally gave me the most difficult challenge in that game back when I was young. I remember the day, the moment, after I defeated Mew (I had to beat Jolten afterward, thank goodness I had Golem's dig!), I was jumping up & down in excitement. It sure feels like a milestone to beat Mew back then lol