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Jonathan Requiescat Drent
-Route 1-

Disappointed because the Professor had run out of Pokemon, John went outside of town, still trying to find his uncle, with Pi running behind him. The place he was was a huge road, that may perhaps take him a whole day to cross...

As he began walking, he couldn't help but look at the Pokemon lurking in the grass, being from the Kanto region, he couldn't recognize any Pokemon, there were just apes of different colors, birds and... Mudkip.

As he kept walking, he found a lonesome Pokemon of a... rather peculiar look. It looked like a dove, with big eyes that never seem to be about to be closed.

It looked rather inoffensive, so John commanded his Pikachu to use Thundershock, startled, the dove Pokemon turned his head in a rather creepy way, and began flapping its wind, causing strong gusts of wind to blow everything around.

"Pi!" John yelled, trying to take hold of rocks around him, "Use Charge Beam!"

Pikachu began glowing of a blue color as it was taken by the gust of wind, shooting a blue beam towards the Pidove, sending it away and ceasing the gusts of wind.

"Alright, it's time for you to meet your new owner!" John yelled as he threw a Pokeball at the Pidove, which was lying on the floor. Pidove quickly stood up and knocked the ball away with his wing, which was now of a silver color.

"Use Slam!" John yelled as the Pidove came closer with its wing, ready to slap Pi with it.

Pikachu jumped towards Pidove, and they both were sent towards the floor. Pikachu quickly stood up, hurt, but Pidove didn't, John took his chance and threw another Pokeball, which sealed Pidove inside of it this time. The ball began shaking from one side to another, and it then stopped while releasing the sound of a 'click'.

"Yes!" Jonathan yelled, raising the Pokeball in the air in excitement, he had caught a new Pokemon! Seeing how tired Pi was, as it could barely stand on its paws, John took a potion from the small bag he was carrying, and sprayed the contents over Pikachu. They both leaned against a tree, waiting the moment when Pikachu would become healthy again...