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Quote originally posted by Shining Raichu:
I have this one friend, lets call her Hester (because that is her actual name). I've seen a few movies with her, and she just picks every possible inconsistency apart until it's absolutely impossible to enjoy the movie. Every tiny little plothole, every wayward camera angle, every slightly illogical decision made by a character... I can't watch movies that way, they're meant to be enjoyed not torn apart. If you do that to decent movies, then when truly terrible ones like Wrath of the Titans or The Hottie and the Nottie come along, it makes them less special!
You're just like a friend of mine. Let's call him Andy, because that'll be extra confusing. Andy doesn't like my nitpicking of movies and it makes him annoyed if I do even a little. But the thing is, I love to nitpick. Even the things I love I can nitpick at. I'm like the little kid to takes a toy apart to see how it works. It's one of the ways I get involved with a movie.

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