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Name: Dash

Your Trainer Sprite: See my avatar. Unless you require me to have one of the listed 6, then I'd go with Clair.
Yeah just go with Clair
2 Partner Pokemon(First a Dragon type, second from Dragon Family): Dragonite, Charmeleon

Why have you chosen to become a Dragon Tamer?: Dragon pokemon have always fasinated me. I find them to be loyal, friendly, and still able to get me out of sticky situations.

Answer Current Topic:

Not sure if that question is a quiz or an opinion, but I'll answer hoping/assuming it's an opinion. While all of the Pokemon appear smooth as sprites, I honestly think that Latios and Latias don't have scales and aren't rough.
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Yes, I agree with Latias & Latios. Would you think they have smooth skin or preferably have fur? Also another I was thinking was Reshiram. It seems she would have hair all over her body by the looks of her design.
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