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Ryudo's Evening (2)

Emolga rolled her eyes as she flew over to the nearby curtains and back again. "Damn Emolga, why do you always have to guess it first try? Sigh, I hope this thing starts soon, my tummy's rumbling." Emolga hurried over to pat Ryudo on the shoulder as if this somehow meant a lot to him before the pair began to gaze over the balcony at the challengers below. "Woah wait, isn't that-"

Ryudo darted back before he could finish his sentence as he noticed the red haired boy from before looking up at him from the stadium floor. Gah, I hope he didn't think I was talking to myself... Ryudo quickly tried to brush his hair back with his fingers before breathing straight into Emolga's face. "Quick Emolga, smell my breath, tell me it's okay!" Emolga, looking puzzled by her owner's unusual behaviour, jumped back onto the ledge of the balcony and tilted her head whilst watching Ryudo trying to hurriedly search for what appeared to be a white stick of gum. "Alright Emolga, how do I look? Is he looking? Did he see that? Oh god, what if he saw it! I'll just-"

Once more cut off in his speech, Ryudo again jumped back from the edge of the balcony, this time covering his face with his arms to avoid a sudden gust of strong wind. Peering through the gaps between his fingers, Ryudo witnessed a truly elegant sight as a red haired beauty arose from below the balcony, carried by what looked like an incredibly powerful Pidgeot. "What the... Oh, it's you!" Looking pleased at the red haired boy's arrival, Ryudo began running forward to hold the strange boy as if he were an old friend or relative. Wait, what am I doing? Cool it Ryudo, you don't even know this guy's name yet! Stopping in his tracks, Ryudo stood firmly on the balcony awaiting a reply.

"Hi there," said the red haired boy jumping down from his Pokémon, obviously quite pleased with his dramatic entrance, "you're missing out on the party, Ryudo."

"Well, I, I didn't, uh... What're you doing here? No wait that's obvious, I mean, I, uhh, umm..." Awkwardly tapping his foot against the ground, Ryudo stammered trying to find the perfect words to greet this confident individual. He looked over to see Emolga glaring at the boy's Pidgeot and knew what was about to happen. "Emolga, return now!" But it was too late as Emolga darted out of the way of the glowing red light speeding towards her and attached herself to the bird Pokémon's left wing with sparks building in her cheeks. "Emolga you're embarrassing me, please stop! You're going to make us look bad!" His eyes glanced over to the red haired boy, seemingly grinning back at him. "Not that... Not that we have a reason to be embarrassed!" He sighed. "Emolga, return."

"Sorry about that, I don't know what came over her... She just has something against bird Pokémon, always has done. I think she's jealous of their ability to fly freely whilst she's restricted to simply gliding through the wind currents. It must be wonderful to reach such heights... But I digress." He looked back at the boy standing infront of him and grinned cheekily as he took the boy's hand in his. "You still haven't told me your name y'know, that's a penalty. That means you're with me for the night!" Shining brightly with excitement, Ryudo began to drag the boy over to a nearby window before wishfully gazing out at the stars, clenching his hand slightly tighter and sighing. "I wonder what it's like up there..."
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