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Quote originally posted by Queen of Poison:
Which family do you prefer Koffing or Ekans?
I can't say I love them both but I will say Eknas/Arbok because there badass.
Also can my partner pokemon change to Muk please. I like that beautiful pile of sludge.

Of course you can, I've changed it for you. :) Good choice by the way, Muk is a wonderful Pokémon! It's my second favourite, right behind it's pre-evolution Grimer. :D What made you choose Muk? c:

As for the topic, I prefer the Weezing family! Weezing is an utterly wonderful Pokémon both in design and usability. It's incredibly cute and looks simply amazing, plus the way it floats around like a huge derp face is adorable <3 Arbok looks amazing too don't get me wrong, but Weezing is certainly my favourite of the two. And when it comes to battling, Weezing wins again. It has higher stats (not hugely higher, but the big Defence boost is very useful) and I find its move pool a lot more interesting to play around with than Arbok's. They are both Pokémon I love using and I think they're both incredibly well designed/thought out, but Weezing is certainly my favourite of the pair.