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Quote originally posted by ArcanusTheMage:
Hi, quick question folks.

If for example on double battles, opposite team with a Pokemon that gives HP EV and another that gives Atk EV, if i just kill the HP one and run away, will I still get the HP EVs?

Thank you for your time.
Yeah, the EVs count when a Pokemon is defeated, not when the battle ends, so as long as it's defeated then your EVs are added.

Quote originally posted by nathanAcs:
Hi i was wondering i want to buy a new pokemon game . which one should i get. pokemon black, or black 2 and why? thank you
Merged with Quick Questions, by the way! It depends on you. Black 2 isn't released in English, and Black has been for a while, so for an English experience (as most players want), you'd be better off waiting. However, Black and Black 2 have vastly different storylines, and different cover legendaries, too. Black has Reshiram and Black 2 has Black Kyurem, so... due to the games being so different, I'd suggest getting both, but buying Black now. It's definitely worth it. n_n
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