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(I apologize for the briefness of Lucy's post. I'm stretched over 3 RPs I'm GMing consisting of approximately 17 characters I'm playing disregarding chat RP and I apparently hallucinated pressing submit and must've closed my fallout tab at some point, losing my original post.)

Lucy - On route to Oreburgh
Lucy observed Amethyst with interest. The smaller girl claimed she was alright, but she seemed out of it. One of the males nearby asked her if he could come with her and she decidedly hesitated a moment to respond. You see, Amethyst had just done the most adorable thing. She had thoughtlessly taken the had they had been left with and put it on for herself! This honestly brought a smile to Lucy's face, and she scooped the smaller girl up and cradled her in her arms, completely ignoring any implications.

Finally she acknowledged the boys, Total and Alex.

"Um... alright. We're heading south to Oreburgh on our way to Mount Coronet. Follow along if you want."

She then turned her gaze directly on Alex. This boy had asked for... help.

"If we can help you on our way there, we'd be glad to. But we've got to get moving. We were supposed to be gone a while back..."

And just like that, Lucy turned and began to walk, carrying Amethyst once again, this time in her arms.

Hailey and Arcea - Children's City
Hailey, a very... well dressed girl with short green hair and oddly eerie red eyes CHRISTMAS COLORS SHE MUST BE SANTA , was spoken to by a stranger that had no place in her current conversation. She just sort of silently turned to Ignis and acknowledged him with rather cold eyes. It was as if she were trying to pierce into his mind and read his thoughts, figure out what he thought he was doing. After a moment or two she smiled for unknown reasons and seemed to warm up to his intrusion. Turning to him and just sort of... allowing the conversation with Tim to end, she spoke up in a mildly amused sounding voice.

Hailey: "Very well. I'm called Hailey, and I think this'll work..."

Hailey glanced briefly at Fulgur, acknowledging his presence.

Hailey: "This is Arcea, by the way."

Hailey gestured at a somewhat older girl sporting odd yellow marking outlining her eyes and a fish-like tail hanging off the back of her head, and an even larger one poking out from underneath her rather short skirt. Both were openly fused with their pokespirits, not remotely scared. This was after all a city known for being friendly to wielders.

Arcea seemed to have her attention shifting back and fourth between the two boys, before settling on Fulgur. Her expression didn't say much. She flashed four large rather thick fangs, two on the top of her mouth and two on the bottom, at Fulgur by smiling. She didn't have any other teeth however, which was arguably... creepy. One could presume that she certainly didn't chew /her/ food

Hailey: "We were discussing the purging of Jubilife when some of my friends here and I had a... disagreement. The plan's simple. We head out to Jubilife, staying a good distance outside the city, and we remotely bomb the place until the adults are too afraid to come back. To do this I'm going to need both of you to power yourselves up however you can. It will require great sacrifice, but if you've got the guts to change this world, you already know that doesn't matter."

Hailey seemed to give Ignis a scrutinizing look.

Hailey: "...Something tells me you've got exactly the guts I've been searching for. Maybe even a bit more than this tool."

Hailey gestured briefly at Arcea. Arcea just sort of turned her gaze on Hailey expressionlessly. She did not react to the insult.
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