Thread: [Discussion] Relationships at an Early Age?
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I think that people who say you shouldn't date until you're 16-17 or older are severely out of touch with how teenagers act. I mean, I honestly couldn't see myself do it but that doesn't mean that other people shouldn't have the opportunity to, nor should people dictate or say how they should act. I think that dating when you're so young is just a part of growing up for some people. It's a way to enter the world of relationships and for you to understand how they work and what you expect to come out of one. It's just a bit of preparation for when you're older and finally do find a committed relationship.

You learn more about yourself, you learn more about how to treat other people. I don't really see the problem with it if kids want to start dating so young. As long as it's a) legal , b) consensual and c) safe.

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