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Kayla looked up at Wyatt and smiled. "Thank you!" She stood thinking for a while and released Jasmine from her pokeball. The Tepig looked up at Kayla and sighed. "Can't I ever get some peace and quiet?" Rosemary purred and licked Wyatt's hand. Yuri looked up at the Grotle that was talking to her. "Yes. I would like that very much.", she said ,her tail wagging. The Deerling looked at the Gastly and backed away a little. Primrose jumped down from Kayla shoulder and looked at the Gastly. "Sorry about her. She's not used to other pokemon. Hi! Nice to meet you!", she said with a smile. The Deerling looked at Primrose and sighed. Jasmine looked around and yawned.

Apostle Edel Blau of the blue sky! We must follow the demon spores to their gathering place and defeat the Dark King Wallenstein!
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