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Update 2
another 4 badges on my update

Caught Snorlax and named him Lax
Trained Lax to 35
Train Sparky & Gokenku to 35.
Faught the Trainers on Route 16
got to Fuchsia City
went to the Safari Zone and caught 5 pokemon there.
Took Nidoran ♂ which i Trained it to 25 and it evolved to Nidorino and then used a Moon Stone to evolve it to Nidoking then trained it to 35
Entered the Silph Co
Defeat all Rocket Grunts
Nidoking, Sparky, Lax and Gokenku grew to 38
Gokenku evolve to Pidgeot
Defeated My Rival Gary
Defeat Jessie and James for the Final time
Defeated Team Rocket Leader Giovanni
Took Boner from Daycare and replace it with Nidoking
Trained Boner to 40
Challenge to Fuchsia City Gym
Sparky grew to 41
Lax & gokenku grew to 40
Boner grew to 41
Defeated Koga and got the gym badge.
Sparky grew to 41
Lax & gokenku grew to 40
Boner grew to 41
Release Boner, Lax and Gokenku
Caught a Fearow and Named it Killer II
Caught a Poliwag
Trained Poliwag to 37 and Poliwag evolved to Poliwhirl and then used a Water Stone to evolve it to Poliwrath.
Got to Cinnabar Island
Battled Blaine and Defeated him and got the gym badge.
released Poliwrath
Flew to Saffron City
Went the Gym with Pikachu alone
Lost to Sabrina twice and one on third try i defeat her and got the gym badge
went in Silph Co and got the Lapras trained it to 47
Trained Sparky to 50
went to fight Team Rocket Leader & Viridian City Gym Leader Giovanni and we beat him on the third try
Release Lapras
went to Cerulean City and Got Bulbasaur then went to Route 24 and Got Charmander and then went to Vermilion City and went to Offier Jenny and Got Squirtle
Flew to Cinnabar Island and got Aerodactyl
Flew to Celadon and Got Eevee

Current Team
Sparky - Pikachu Lvl 50

Bulbasaur Lvl 10

Charmander Lvl 10

Squirtle Lvl 10

Aerodactyl Lvl 30

Eevee Lvl 25

Former Team
Killer - Spearow Lvl 6 - 10

Chop - Mankey Lvl 5 - 11

Demon - Butterfree Lvl 5 - 10

Claw -Sandshrew Lvl 8 - 15

Fangs - Rattata Lvl 12 - 17

Fairy - Clafairy Lvl 11 - 15

Weed - Weepinbell Lvl 12 - 23

Air Wind - Pidgeotto Lvl 15 - 23

PsyPunch - Drowzee Lvl 15 - 23

Lit B**** - Wigglytuff Lvl 5 - 26

Dugger - Dugtrio Lvl 29 (didn't use him enough only a few times)

Flash - Magnemite Lvl 14 (only for Flash)

Slave - Oddish Lvl 12 (only for Cut)

Batty - Golbat Lvl 17 - 26

Beak - Doduo Lvl 24 - 29

Boner - Marowak Lvl 20 - 41

Gokenku - Pidgeot Lvl 22 - 40

Lax - Snorlax Lvl 30 - 40

Poliwrath Lvl 10 - 37

Lapras lvl 15 - 47
Pokemon Fire Red Hack
-3rd Gen game
- more rival
- New Tiles
- New Trainer sprites
- New Map for Hoenn (replace Sevii islands)
Finished making the Hoenn & Kanto Gym leaders
Finished making the Hoenn & Kanto Elite four and Champions

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