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"This is Boo, and Gaia", Wyatt said to Kayla, gesturing to his respective Pokemon, "and I'm Wyatt!" He stooped low to the ground to examine Jasmine. "And a TEPIG! Cool!" He held his hand out to Jasmine. Boo laughed and smiled at Primrose. "That's okay! Most run away from me when we first meet, anyway! Nice to meet you!" Gaia lowered herself towards Yuri, and Kayla's other Pokemon. "Would you like a nut? she offered, referring to the acorn-like nuts growing on the bushes on her back. She perked up even more at the sight of the fellow grass-type, Kayla's Deerling. "Hi there! Want to be friends? You can have a nut!" Gaia cooed at the Deerling. "Don't be scared, I won't bite!
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