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Black and White had very easy Gym battles for the most part. If you came slightly prepared, they go down way too easy. You want to pull off strategy and verity just for the hell of it, you can probably pull off move combinations that will never work.

Although, to be fair to B/W, Gym leaders were never really that difficult to begin with if you know what you're up against. Most the ones that were hard throughout the Pokemon generations was mainly due to unfair balance or game design issues (freaking Clare and her over-leveled Kingdra) B/W, especially with a lot of fixed mechanics and had overall balanced out Pokemon, just made things even easier.

Although I would probably vote for Lenora (sadly) She was probably one of few that was hard to gain an advantage towards. You can only get one fighting type at that point. And in my first game, was probably the only one placing me in a sticky situation because I didn't know what to expect from her.
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