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Wow...finally, someone who thinks like me around here O_o
I am one of those people who finds relationships at an early age unnecessary too. It's really a waste of time. I don't know it's just...plain hypocritical if you allow me to say that sorry, don't mean to offend people who do it right. But I am generally speaking of those people who date and dump so casually. They treat relationships as game of lust, and when you're done with your partner...just dump.
This is basically applicable to teens. For youth and adults, I wouldn't be worried if they date as it's usually serious.
But you shouldn't really let teens get the hang of something so serious as relationships, especially as it will involve their uncontrollable lust. And I wouldn't be shocked if this immature lust would drive them to do illegal stuff or even be under emotional sickness and stress.

I personally don't date, don't think of dating, and don't even want to date in my life. I'm quite happy about least, I don't need to worry about relationship stressed situations at a young age.
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