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Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post

Slightly odd question, but how is Homika pronounced? o3o Is it like Hom-eek-ah or Hom-ick-ah or? I've always wondered but I've never known how to find out paha. Although either way, I don't think Homia is meant to sound 'cute and bubbly', is she? xD Isn't she meant to be quite a tough/attitudey kind of gym leader? o3o
I'm pretty sure it's "Hom-ick-ah"
As she's already a tough/attitudey kind of gym leader, a cute name's gentle her, and sounds determined at the same time... And I meant bubbly in the sense of someone energetic, like she is.

Which of the gym leaders, excluding Brock, Misty and Cilan, do you like the most based on their anime appearance? If you haven't watched the anime, feel free to just tell which gym leader you like the most.

SABRINA !! Wow, her anime appearance was unique. She fascinated and scared me when I was younger.