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Route 206

Amethyst, now fond of her new "stylish lid" decided now that if they ever ran into that boy again, he was now going to be without his hat forever. While still in her daze, she muttered, "I wonder if we'll find bracelets or more clothes..."

Oh good lord, let me out of here.

"I still have the right to tell you to shut it, Blade." Oops, spoken aloud again. But Amethyst didn't seem to notice or care.

Vanity is a sin, you know.

"I bet telling people how to think is a sin too." Yep, she's still talking aloud. But was it really a sin? She honestly didn't know.

I've been keeping you alive, girly. You'd be dead without me.

"Well if I bother you so much then why do you help me?"


Amethyst smiled, more than content that she had won an argument. Seeing as she was being carried, she decided to use REST for a little bit. This would help her regain her energy fairly quickly, though it seemed to be restoring already...

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