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I want to share with the community a project a friend and I have been working on over the past year. We came up with a way to create a ‘Cube’ out of the Pokemon TCG. For those unaware, Cube is a concept that comes from the card game Magic: the Gathering. Cube is a group of cards that are put together for players to draft and play with. This attempts to simulate the process that happens at some pre-releases (opening packs and building decks from those packs), but instead with some of the most powerful cards printed throughout the entire game. Have you ever wanted to play Super Energy Removal to remove Energy from your opponent’s Reshiram? Play Professor Oak and then attach Expert Belt to Machamp Prime?

The Cube is made up of 400 different cards from the history of the Pokemon TCG. Only one of each card is included, creating a diverse and fun experience. Some other details about the Cube.
  1. Draft in a face up style
  2. Each Player builds and plays with a 50 card deck (This includes energy)
  3. Basic Energy are provided after the draft to supplement your deck
  4. Each game will be played with 5 prizes (Instead of 4 in regular draft or 6 in constructed)
  5. Each game session between players will be best 2 out of 3 (Allows people to play more games)
  6. Dice will be used in place of Coins. Heads=Evens / Tails=Odds
  7. Pokémon with Names, Dark, Light or other variations would be considered as normal
  8. Certain Pokemon lines are supported. For example, there are 8 Horsea, 6 Sedra, and 4 Kingdra in the Cube. This is to make sure each player has enough chances to draft the Pokemon he/she needs for a deck.
Cube has been a blast to build and play. It has been a great way for me (and others) to keep playing the Pokemon TCG without having to go to events or keep up with the most current decks. The Pokecube list has been pretty refined, but we are welcome to discussion and suggestions for cards to include. More information about the Cube can be found at:
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