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You're going to HAVE to check back later today for the demo!
it will contain 4 cities/towns, 4 roads, and 3 gyms with 3 leaders in each, for a total of 9 leaders!
to move on to the final town you need to have 3 badges. and you meet Oak for the first of many times in the final town! I have to tweek a few maps, and make all the trainers, so it should be ready late this afternoon!

If you read my sad reason for editing (not that many would) you would see that I come with sad tidings D:
one, my game would have a lot of uncompleted things, such as the under, the forest, and every gym xDDD
two, I have no idea how to compress my game in such a way that someone could play it/not steal my game information...

So, in light of the situation laid infront of you, the reader, as a person who is taking in this terrible news, fear not! you will not have to write any sort of note explaining the homicide of one's self! for I have updated a lot of my game, and created all the information for the gym leaders!

Infact, each leader will have his/her own special, unobtainable pokemon! stonger than most, used to challenge the player, as well as show their favorite pokemon as their special unique pokemon!
so yeah, thats pretty cool...what else...
OH RIGHT, when you finally do get to play the game, you will see many funny situational irony, past-to-present references, minor breakage of the fourth wall, and much much much more!!! it will be amazing, I cant wait, and it kills me I cannot provide a demo :/

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