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Originally Posted by shinyabsol1 View Post
Thanks for helping, redriders180! I am indeed using JPAN's engine, but not in its entirety, just specific hacks applied with the hack applier. One of those hacks is the overworld switching one, and I have it written in my notes that I set it to use variables 0x4054 to 0x4059. But I haven't used any of those variables in my game thus far.... What should I do? Would removing the overworld hack from my game (if possible) help?

Thanks again for the help!

edit: I just applied the overworld hack in the same manner as I did on my other rom, then tried to surf, and the game restarted! So this confirms that the problem lies in this hack.
Now that you've patched the "overworld hack" to an umodified rom, create another patch to remove it. You can simply use Lunar Ips and use the rom the hack is applied to as Unmodifed rom and the clean rom as Modified rom. Then the program creates the patch file so that it changes the data back to normal when applied to your hack.

Also if the ips-file is checked with a hex editor, you can see what it actually writes and where and find how it's causing the bug that way. May be a bit too complicated though but I was to use that hack and see if it really works, I'd go for it.
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