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Alex Hall

"Well, I, I didn't, uh... What're you doing here? No wait that's obvious, I mean, I, uhh, umm..." stuttered the black-haired boy, seemingly impressed by Alex's dramatic entrance. The boy's Emolga, which stared angrily at Pidgeot, obviously had other ideas - Ryudo spotted the risk, but just a moment too late.

The Emolga darted away from the red Pokéball light, jumping on to Smidge's wing and aggressively sparking her electrically charged cheeks. "Emolga you're embarrassing me, please stop! You're going to make us look bad!" Ryudo pleaded with his pokémon, Alex stifled a laugh as he watched the drama unfold. The boy continued - even more flustered than before "Not that... not that we have a reason to be embarrassed! Emolga, return." With one finalising sigh the flying squirrel pokémon obeyed, going back into her Pokéball.

"Sorry about that, I don't know what came over her... She just has something against bird Pokémon, always has done. I think she's jealous of their ability to fly freely whilst she's restricted to simply gliding through the wind currents. It must be wonderful to reach such heights..." Alex's eyes narrowed, Arceus, this boy sure does talk, "But I digress," Ryudo finished.

The boys demeanour suddenly changed, he looked up and smiled - a confident boy rather than an embarrassed wreck. "You still haven't told me your name y'know, that's a penalty," he said enthusiastically, grabbing Alex by the hand, "That means you're with me for the night!"

"A... I..." Alex started to protest, barely having time to recall Smidge before being whisked away by Ryudo. Half way down the stairs the boy came to an abrupt stop.

"I wonder what it's like up there..." he paused, staring up in to the night sky. Alex was puzzled, but tried his best to answer.

"It's pretty cold, you'd probably need a coat," he responded, smiling awkwardly at his half-joke, half-truth. Of course the night sky of the island was still far warmer than the skies above Snowpoint City - Alex was accustomed to the cold. "D'you wanna go for a fly? I'm sure Smidge wouldn't mind," he said, fumbling with his belt as he looked for her Pokéball.

One, two... What? Alex looked to his belt, Oh damn...

The third Pokéball, housing a very dizzy Smidge, was halfway down the staircase, rolling quickly and steadily down towards the ground floor.

"Ahh!" Cried Alex, running down the stairs after his pokémon, stopping as he suddenly remembered Ryudo.

"Ahhhh, sorry! I'll be back!" He called, a few steps later stopping again, "And the name's Alex!" Throwing himself in to a bit more of a sprint as he descended the stairway after the rogue, runaway pokéball.

Tearing his way back into the main stadium he scanned the floor, Come on Smidge, what are you playing at! He said, cursing his Pokémon. Unfortunately Alex decided that desperate times called for desperate measures, getting on his hands and knees and crawling under the table looking for the runaway.

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