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<what's that?> Xena asked.

there was a large monument at the center of jubilife city. we had reached jubilife, realized that it was adult infested, and now we are trying to sneak around, pretending to be on an errand. i'm not sure how long it'll work.
"hmmmm...... looks like the shape of an adult." i observed.
"it's wearing a crown. probably the monument of a ruler of adults." Ditz said.
"HEY YOU!" we heard an adult, and we turned around to find him making his way through the crowd; in our our direction! Ditz was in human morph, and i was in my espeon morph, pretending to be her slave.
"yes?" ditz said in a little kid tone.
"i haven't seen you around here before. who are you?" he questioned.
"i'm emily krigar, sir. my family recently moved from the johto region. its infested with children there, sir. could be dangerous. this is our slave." Ditz said, pointing in my direction. i stuck out a paw and nodded in his direction.
"hmmmm........................" he took us in, staring at us, testing our patience.
"bring me to your parents, please, young girl. i'd love to introduce them to the sinnoh region and show them around jubilife city." he finally said after awhile.
"eh................." Ditz stuttered.
"is something wrong?" he asked patiently.
(note: Ditz and i have no clue how strong these people are, and we don't want to take the risk.)
Ditz grabbed my hand and together we scurrried to and up the nearest tree and watched, horrified, as the adults came forward and lit the tree on fire.


Ditz quikly took the morph of a fearow pokespirit weilder slave nearby, grabbed me and together we flew, flew over the heads of the adults, over Jubilife city, away from the violence that awaited any visiter that came. we landed near the sea leading to canalave.
"whew!" Ditz wiped sweat off of her forehead.
"well, better cross before they follow us." i said.
"ya, your right. lapras morph!" Ditz exclaimed.
Ditz morphed into the same morph she used to save me when i fell off of ryan's back, and i jumped onto her back. together we crossed the route to the city we hoped not to be as dangerous as the one we previosly encountered.

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