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^Wow, I've heard stuff about Cohagrigus, but you really went into depth about it...You must really like Cohagrigus!

Tbh, the Dex has a lot of weirdness and creepy stuff. For example- Shedinja aparrently has a hole in its back that sucks in your soul if you look at it. However, if you use it in battle, guess what. The hole is pointed at you. And what about Spoink dying if it stops bouncing, and Banette being a voodoo doll or something that someone threw away, and Duskinor getting voices in his head FROM THE FREAKING SPIRIT WORLD that tell him to kidnap people? This stuff all needs a mention looool.

There's a really good tvtropes about all the creepy 'unintentional' things in Pokemon like that. Because when ya think about it, Pokemon's got plenty of creepy things in it for a kids game...
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