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Jimmy Vincent & Alice Crenshaw

Not paying much attention to what the other students were up to, Jimmy and Alice walked up to the teacher's desk, followed by their Pokémon, Kaida and Jello respectively. The teacher had told them to choose a poffin to give to their Pokémon. They both looked around, but could not decide which Poffin to choose. Alice had trouble choosing because she didn't know which one Jello would like more. Jimmy, well, didn't actually care much.

Jello, obviously knowing his tastes, floated up to Alice. "Hey, Alice." he said telepathically to her, "I'd like to try the green ones. They seem yum!". Alice nodded and grabbed a green Poffin, also known as Bitter Poffin. Meanwhile Jimmy continued to examine the Poffins. There were pink ones, yellow ones, red ones and blue ones, apart from the aforementioned green Poffin. He sighed and rolled his eyes. He closed his eyes and grabbed a random Poffin. After that he opened his hand, and in it was a pink-coloured Poffin.

"Whatever..." he mumbled.

Charlie Fitzpatrick
Undella Town -> Oak Island


A Pelipper was soaring above the deep blue sea. From above, he could see something leaving some docks in the human settlement of Undella Town, in Unova. That something seemed to be moving at high speeds, because all the bird could see was a white line spreading through the sea, leaving Undella and heading into the ocean. The bird stared at the line of seafoam reminiscent of cocaine before flying off and going back to minding its own business.

Now, as anoyone could figure out, what was behind the white line was a boat. Well, a speedboat, actually. It was a white speedboat, which dashed across the ocean at tremendously high speeds, and was heading for an island known as Oak Island. And controlling the boat was a man, probably in his late thirties, sporting some sunglasses, a black and white hawaiian shirt and some beige shorts. And as Oak Island came into his sight, he smirked.

I'M ON A BOAT The speedboat then came to a stop at a wooden dock next to a beach which somehow the man recognised, and one could see the words "ART GRIMES" written in black on the boat. He got off the boat and docked it before going up a wooden stairway there. Soon he found himself at the deck of a beach house, and from there he could see Pokémon frolicking in the waves. But what caught his attention was a volleyball match between a group of attractive girls, making him smirk and nod slowly. Awww, yeah.

He turned around to see the house. There was a helicopter parked nearby, and the glass doors let the man see some Machokes moving heavy-looking stuff around. But watching Pokémon movers do hard work did not suit him at all, so he turned around again to get his attention back on the beach volleyball match, although he wasn't as interested in the game itself as he was in the players. Then, out of his pockets he took out a cigar and a lighter and put the cigar in his mouth to light it up. Blowing smoke into the air, he smirked yet again.

"This is just beautiful." he said, "I love this place."
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