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Given the context of the quote, I doubt it's more content for the iOS version.

Still, if they were to make one for another console (other than the DS, that is), I doubt they'd pick one of the current or last gen consoles. In fact, console developers would actually throw money at SE to put it on one of their new ones. After all, games like TWEWY are the types of games that sell systems; the first one might not have, but it had no reason to, it was the first game in its series, and newer systems need games to entice people to buy them, and a TWEWY game would do just that. Plus, they'd have far more to work with in terms of power, audio, memory, space, and the like, so I'd actually prefer that they develop for a next-gen (or rather, current gen) console, regardless if it's 3DS, PSV, or otherwise.
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