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<Come on!> Flint said excitedly as he scampered across the deck of the ship, trying to encourage Grace more. The cyndaquil followed a little ways behind, looking nervously at everything. She wasn't really scared of any of it but was very jumpy and she sped up to catch up to her team mate.
<W-what are we doing here? We should go back to Master... I don't like being away from him like this..." she said.
<Don't be such a worry wort,> Flint jabbed, <It was your idea in the first place.>
<But I didn't think we'd be going this far from him,> the fire type whimpered a bit and when a rather fat man walked by, she yelped and cuddled against Flint, making then both blush.
<G-get off o' me! You got cooties!> he pushed her away albeit a bit reluctantly.
<Sorry...> Gracie whispered embarrassedly and took a step back before looking around again, hoping to find something to distract her from what had just happened. Maybe another pokemon to talk to?

James had since gone back to his room and had put on a swim suit and was now sitting in a hot tub which luckily for him, was filled with other 16 year old girls.
Is it better to live on your feet than die on your knees or to die on your feet than live on your knees?