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Maxwell Leggingsteele
Cafeteria ---> Academy Grounds

And a one, and a two, and a three! Maxwell pushed up the doors leading from the cafeteria to the outside. He stood there for a while with his arms stretched out to create some sort of dramatic pause. After he was done, the teen started walking on the grass and reached his hand out towards it, as if to present something hidden under a blanket.

"This is the Academy Grounds. Around here you can roam free among the Pokémon or buy snacks or soda to keep you going strong!" He explained enthusiastically. "There," he pointed towards the dorms, who were quite far away. "Are the dorms, it's basically where you live here at the Academy." Maxwell shuffled the Egg-Case in his hands a bit before going on. "Over there," this time he pointed towards a small road close to them. "Is the road which'll take you to Oak Town. Oak Town is a place where you can buy some pretty cool stuff! Like Ice-Cream."

While Maxwell was happily explaining the different places to Vriska, Hugin carefully looked around to see if someone saw him. It seemed like the coast was clear, so the crow flew up in a nearby tree and concealed himself in the leaves, almost making him completely invisible. Well there, the Honchkrow's body seemed to grow. However, he was just inhaling some air, making him appear bigger. Then, the Dark/Flying-type gave off a loud call resembling a Honchkrow's caw, yet some notes higher. Soon enough, a caw-like chanting started emitting from a tree near the one where Hugin sat.

"Mur, Mur! Krow, Krow!" Maxwell looked up when he heard the sound and quickly froze. Before him and Vriska were now five Murkrows and they were not looking happy.

Hugin smiled, he was contempt with himself now. He could feel how dissapointed or angry Maxwell would become after this was over, but it was worth it so see if the annoying girl lived up to her expectations of herself. Besides, she wanted a Murkrow, didn't she? Well, now was her big chance!
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