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Quote originally posted by umbreontheultimate:
Looks good from what I can see. Can't wait for Beta 4 now haha! How far into the game will beta 4 go?
You'll be able to play until the third gym, once you got the third badge, there's nothing left today. You can of course catch all remaining Pokémon and train them, but I won't recommend the latter because you'll easily take away the challenge of beta 5+ ;)

Quote originally posted by P0kemonMast:
Looks very nice cant wait to try it out :)
Thank you.

Quote originally posted by uZzY94:
So in order to get this Beta I must download 400+ MB from 4shared which give you a maximum of 20 KB/s which means I must download about 7 hours???????????

Why not upload at mediafire? :/
I'm sorry for the inconvenience, Mediafire has an upload limit of 200 MB so I can't upload it there. I've found an other host though, so beta 4 will be uploaded there. I will also make seperate versions, one with animated sprites and the other without. Sorry!