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Wyatt Donaghue (Class/Sea)

After awhile of writing notes, Wyatt relaxed his writing hand. Fantina cleared her throat to speak. "Well, my dears, that is it for class today. Tomorrow, we will have a short quiz on type effectiveness, and a lesson on Ghost Pokemon habitats. Au revoir, pour maintenant!" Wyatt packed up his things, and nudged Boo. The Gastly had been sleeping, but awoke with a jolt when his owner nudged him. "Time to go, Boo! Let's hit the beach! Maybe we'll see some Pokemon!" Boo nodded and smiled. Wyatt hurried away from his desk, with a respectful nod to Fantina, who returned his gesture with a smile.

As he neared the shore, Wyatt slipped off his shoes and socks, and put them into his backpack. He grinned as he felt the warm sand beneath his feet. "This is nice, isn't it, Boo? I think Gaia would like sunning herself out here!" Wyatt released the Grotle from her Pokeball and continued on towards the water. Boo floated down near Gaia, who plodded along beside Wyatt. The Pokemon stopped before the water, and Gaia closed her eyes to sleep under the sun. Boo found a comfy spot in her bushes to rest. Wyatt took off his jacket and shirt, which he stuffed into his backpack, and leaned the backpack against Gaia's shell.

Wyatt stepped into the cool water and smiled. The sun was shining, there was a nice breeze coming from the west, and a flock of Wingulls were flying overhead. Boo and Gaia were already fast asleep. He noticed a few Krabby scuttling around underwater, a fair distance away. Wyatt also saw a green-and-blue Shellos, treading water close by. "Wow, a Shellos! Hi there!" he called out to the Pokemon.

The Shellos turned its head, and smiled. "Shel-Shel! Shellos." The Sea Slug Pokemon worked its way over the water, towards Wyatt, who waded towards it in turn. Wyatt stroked the Shellos' squishy back, between its two back flaps, and giggled. "You're really cool!" The Shellos cooed at him and had an ear-to-ear grin, so to speak.
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