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Quote originally posted by Khawill:
1. How do I know if people are actually reading the fic? I can see views but other than that there really is no indication.
It's hard to tell. Some of your views are from guests like search bots, that just click on your thread because it's new. Other views are from guests. And some views are from members who click on your thread to see what it's about (and to make sure that every post follows the rules, which are my views).

Best thing to do is see how many reviews you get. It's kind of slow right now getting reviews, but that's how it is for the whole forum. It's not just your story that has a small amount of reviews. So long as you keep posting, once activity picks up, you'll get more readers.

2. Does this forum only allow pokemon fanfics?
You can also post original writing. When you make a new thread, just use the thread prefix "Other" to mark it as a non-Pokemon fic, and then mention in the first post that it's original. This way, people will know that it's not a fanfic for a different fandom.
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