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Quote originally posted by AmethystRain:
The following were reported to me from players in v8, but I don't see any mention of it on the Bug Fixes, so listing them just in case:

Soundproof doesn't seem to be working. One player reported his soundproof Pokemon being hit by Supersonic; another by Sing.

The same player's Pokemon was also put to sleep while in the middle of an Uproar
The move flag which denotes a move as being sound-based wasn't compiled properly (at all, in fact) in version 8 or earlier. Soundproof was effectively useless then, since there was nothing it worked against. As mentioned in the bug fixes, it's been fixed in version 9.

Quote originally posted by AmethystRain:
Toxic Orb activated immediately after the Pokemon was sent out. Normally it should activate at the end of a turn when the Pokemon has already been out (or has just been switched in mid-turn).
^ I think that should list the player's name rather than just 'Player'.

And to a different tune, for my information, is setting the ability flag of a Trainer's Pokemon supposed to guarantee the assignment of that ability, or is it one of those 90% things?
Toxic Orb only occurs at the end of each round. There's no way it would occur immediately upon putting a Pokémon into battle. I think that's a dodgy report. Unless you meant Toxic Spikes, but I assumed they worked immediately.

Messages duly changed.

Setting the ability of a trainer's Pokémon will definitely give it that ability, 100% of the time. The override flag (which this parameter sets) is an absolute. Anything you write down in trainers.txt will absolutely be the case.
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