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Quote originally posted by jerichob10:

Hi thanks for the response, the eevee dosnt have to have flawless IV's but if you could let me know the highest you could get them to as a female i would be very happy :D

no problem, seee the problem is in 4th gen you have to ID abuse to capture shinies with certain natures, so I have calm and modest because they were for players in the VGC World Championships, I had to ID abuse for them. It isn't possible with my ID to get shiny eevee, mainly because it's gender ratio I have the male one if you want it still, I'm sorry about the inconvience.

@Dusknoir I can prob RNG pretty easily though, if you submit request.

@Hooh54 I will be getting to your request soon, got quite busy with some IRL stuff, I'll try to work on it asap


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