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Quote originally posted by Gerokunz:
Woah, beautiful screenshots!
This is interesting hack!
Good luck with your hack!
Quote originally posted by LCCoolJ95:
The incorporation of more field moves sounds cool.

Quote originally posted by gam3r!:
Hey how's progress going ?
Well, it was smooth until a few days ago when I discovered an awful bug. Due to JPAN's overworld hack that I applied, surf has ceased to function, and (so far) I have been unable to fix this problem. So unless I can do that , it looks like I will have to start over on a clean rom, reinserting all the stuff that I already did. I still have all the files for this task, so it should be easy to do, just very time consuming.

I was planning to post an update in the next few days, but that will no longer happen because I need to get this sorted out first.