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Title of Story:Risio's Story
Fandom: Pokemon
Plot summary:Risio has moved to Rosepetal City, located on an island known for the sadness people feel when they go there. He explains his life on the island, and the people he met.
Rating (PG, R, etc):T
Type of mentor needed:Plot, Proof-reading
Writing sample of story:“The island is said to make people sad, and the stories are true. That girl you saw, you made her happy even here, and that should make you happy, even if you feel empty inside.” She looked at me and tried to smile “I don’t know if that girl really existed but, rumors say there are spirits of the island and maybe she was one. You should get home though before you get rained on more.” I couldn’t say anything; I had a heavy chest and a lump in my throat;
Other: I've written 4 other fictions, 2 of them adventure, one tragedy, and one psychological. My strength is versatile plot development, weaknesses are grammar, spelling and minor plotholes

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